India vs Walnut

When wanting to outline a design with a fine line on watercolour paper I have found that getting a fine point is just one difficulty. Another is that of the type of ink being used.

At first I had tried using Indian Ink, but when creating a fine edge line (using a brush) next to gold gouache, the ink seeps under the dry gouache and darkens the gold.

On attending a recent course at the Prince’s School of Traditional Art, I learnt during the “Islimi” session that a commonly used traditional ink was that made of walnut husks.

I would like to make my own pigments at some point but for the time being i bought a bottle of C. Robertson&Co Penman Ink. Natural Historical- Walnut brown.

This has been used in the latest drawing of a design inspired by the Ferozkoh exhibition at Leighton House museum.

UntitledThe brown colour is actually much more satisfactory than black, black can be far to intense and overpower the image.

More importantly, the walnut brown ink doesn’t seep beneath the other colours and make them muddy.

The ink itself isn’t intense enough to cover any minor glitches in the work, but it is coverable by gouache. (Watercolour will not cover it.)

This is overall a very good ink and my preferred outliner by far. Only one thing to note.. it is rather smelly!

I’ll be posting soon on brushes and the types that can be used for outlining.


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