New work update!

Since the last post the amount I have learnt whilst at school has been rather overwhelming, hence the delay in this post.

However, here are a few snapshots of some work that has taken place. In the last post I was talking about a pattern using 8-pointed star motif. Since then I have used this pattern further in creating a gesso panel (taught by Nooshin Shafiei) and then gilded with gold leaf. Gold application on gesso was taught by Mark Mills who has made some incredible work.

So the pattern I had worked on previously was this design:

Water-coloured pattern However, I have since learnt from my tutors that the overall design lacked clarity and unity, it didn’t all quite hold together as one.

The pattern was developed further, experimenting with medieval style motifs to create a flower design which was then used for the basis of the gilded gesso on panel.

Floral pattern development
Floral pattern development

As you can see below i had to amend the design somewhat to fit into the panel to make it more coherent.

Panel before application of gold
Panel before application of gold
Application of gold
Application of gold

After the design is etched into the panel, gold was applied and and allowed to dry. Afterwards, the excess gold is brushed off and areas of the panel are burnished with an agate burnisher to enhance the pattern.

Burnishing in progress
Burnishing in progress

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