All Wrapped Up: A simple hand made giftwrap

There are a couple of reasons why I like to make my own gift wrap, the first is that it looks nice and the second is that is very easy to do and costs less than buying it in the shops.

Below is a method of making simple wrapping paper that you can modify for any occasion!


The first things you’ll need are;

Black handwriting pen

Old eraser with a flat edge

Brown kraft paper

A4 white paper

Printer/ copier


1) Take an old clean eraser and on an edge which is flat draw a simple

motif that you would like to make as the print on your gift wrap.IMG_4567

2) On a white sheet of A4 paper, stamp the design down
before the ink dries.IMG_4570


3) Re-trace the design on the eraser and stamp down again. IMG_4574

4) Repeat until you have covered the whole surface of the A4 sheet.


5) Next take the roll of kraft brown paper and cut into A4 sized sheets. Use a white sheet to help guide you.

6) Insert the craft roll into the printer and the stamped sheet into the scan tray.

7) Press the black and white copy button on the printer and watch your design print out on kraft paper!IMG_4583

8) Use your paper to wrap small gifts.


Other Ideas:

I also printed quite a few sheets of white paper with the design on, they look just as good if you don’t have the brown paper or you could try other coloured paper. Just make sure its not thicker than the usual paper you use for the printer as it could cause a jam.

I made a little ‘To’ stamp to go with my gift wrap and stamped on both little white labels and onto plain brown paper.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a printer you can repeat the stamping all over the sheets of paper that you need. This does take a little more time but looks just as good and you can make much larger sheets this way.


I hope you enjoyed this little making project, if you have any suggestions of what to make next or any improvements please leave them in the comments!




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