Out With The Old, Out With The New

IMG_5737Sometimes it is essential to shake up the status quo, to question formality and tradition. If we don’t do this then progress is never made. One of the difficulties we find in education is a reluctance on open minds to other ways of thinking. In contemporary arts education, traditional materials and processes are looked upon as inferior or outdated, in more traditional fields contemporary use of traditional materials or minimal aesthetic is thought suspicious. Neither extreme is better than the other and a middle ground needs be embraced.

Traditional practices allow us to make works of good quality and longevity while the teachings of contemporary culture inform us to the most relevant images people want to see today. To deny progress is not a sensible move, since as human beings we are capable of so much more today than ever before in the history of the human race. And so for those insistent on being stuck in the past or those fixated on the future there is in fact a much more interesting, insightful and meaningful way to pursue the arts. By acknowledging and appreciating the traditions of the past and not being afraid of the unknown before us, we can progress forward with sound knowledge and an open heart to the new possibilities ahead.



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